Female Facial Hair Treatments

Female facial hair can be a distressing, embarrassing and uncomfortable condition to live with for many women who have it. Often a symptom of Hirsutism (her-sa-tism), female facial hair is caused by an excess production of androgens (often called male hormones), meaning that hair on the face follows a male hair growth pattern. Women who struggle with the condition may notice thick, dark hair growing on the sides of their face, neck, chin, and upper lip.

Many women who wish to get rid of their unwanted facial hair turn to traditional methods of treatment, such as waxing, plucking, threading, shaving, bleaching, or more recently, laser hair removal. However, these methods can be painful or cause problems of their own in addition to dealing with excess hair growth. Luckily, effective medication that inhibits facial hair growth is now easily available to buy from Care Online Pharmacy.

Vaniqa is the only UK licensed non-hormone cream to treat female facial hair. Studies into the effectiveness of Vaniqa, have shown that 70% of women improve with the treatment. 3 out of 10 show significant improvement after just 24 weeks of use.

All prices shown on our website include the price for private prescription required to dispense this medication which will be issued by one of our UK GMC registered doctor. Medication is dispensed via our fully regulated and registered UK registered pharmacy in plain & discreet packaging to ensure privacy. To read more about this condition, it’s symptoms and treatment, please read the NHS choices information page.

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